Supporter Spotlight: Paige Alms

What is your name?

Paige alms

Your sport?

Professional surfer.

Billabong XXL big wave awards nominee 2012, 2013

1. What about outdoor sports (or paddling in specific) excite you?

Being in the water brings me the most joy in my life!

2. How does connecting with the ocean have therapeutic or healing effects on you? Do you feel it is good for other people to create and nurture this connection? Why?

When I am in the water, I feel whole and happy. I can be having a hard time or bad day and as soon as I get in the water nothing else seems to matter but being in the moment. I love sharing that connection with other people, it is something extremely special that I feel everyone should enjoy!

3. How does the work that you do (through your business/career) contribute to healthy families/communities? (please feel free to let us know about any recent business/career growth)

I think sharing experiences and inspiring the next generation to do what they love is my contribution to the community by speaking with kids, talking about setting goals and dreaming big!

4. Why do you choose to support a program like Camp Imua?

Why wouldn’t i? The kids that attend Camp Imua every year have life changing experiences. Nothing but positive, truly heart touching, fun experiences!

5. Tell us a story about how a child has impacted or changed your life for the better. Or tell us about your experience at Paddle Imua last year.

After spending the day with the kids at Camp last year, my heart was filled with so much love and light! All of the kids I met had the biggest smiles and were all having so much fun! It really was an eye opener for me and I look forward to attending camp to hang out with the kids again this summer!

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