Supporter Spotlight: Ian Ponting

1. What about outdoor sports (or paddling in specific) excites you?
Just being out in the elements is an adventure in itself.  Of course the feeling of pushing oneself is rewarding, but personally the fun is what its all about.

2. How does connecting with the ocean have therapeutic or healing effects on you? Do you feel it is important for other people to create and nuture this connection? Why?
For me the feeling of getting out and doing something, balancing the natural forces, creates a centered feeling.  There is no shortage of ‘mind film’ that one can look back at and relive the moment.

3. How does the work that you do (through your business/career) contribute to healthy families/communities?
I have been lucky enough to work in the sports that I love.  Seeing people out on the water having fun with toys that I either made or had a hand in developing is very rewarding.

4. Why do you choose to support an organization like Imua Family Services?
Its all about the kids.  Seeing the need that is there and having an organization that has focused energy on enriching the community is a real motivator.

5. Tell us a story about how a child has impacted or changed your life for the better.
Having children has been the most rewarding thing in life.  Watching them grow and develop into good little humans is unbelievable and continues to be a life changing experience.

You can follow Ian on Twitter at @iponting, Instagram at @iponting and check out the Luxe Surf Facebook Page.

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