Supporter Spotlight: Deep Relief, Samantha Campbell

Deep Relief Maui has been a Paddle Imua supporter since day one. Samantha Campbell, Deep Relief Owner and Chief Therapist, sits on Paddle Imua’s planning committee. A believer in helping clients to reach their highest potential, Deep Relief and Imua Family Services share these core values.  From Jacksonville, Florida to Maui, Hawaii, Sam and her team have played a big role in helping to make a difference in the lives of our keiki. We got to chat with Sam, whom we’ve fondly named one of paddle’s founding five!

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Paddle Imua will be three years old this year! Can you tell us how you became involved?

Maile approached several of us on Facebook looking for water people who wanted to help Camp Imua.  I couldn’t say no and am so stoked I got involved.

I have unofficially termed you ladies the “Founding Five.” Each of you comes from a diverse background; tell us something unique about yourself (where you’re from, your job, something corky?)

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and went to the University of Florida to become an Athletic Trainer.  I did my internship in Maui and never left!

It’s clear that each of you have a special connection to the ocean, can you tell us a little about that?

I grew up on the river, near the ocean, and always always swimming in the pool.   I never expected to live in Hawaii and now I can’t go two days without being in the ocean.  Even if I am traveling, I end up driving forever out of the way just to jump in some freezing cold ocean, or play in the snow, or even find a hot spring or swimming pool or something somewhere to get wet.   It just makes me feel like myself.

There is power in numbers and you have done an amazing job involving your own communities to really rally around the keiki of Imua. Why Imua?

Through my business, Deep Relief, I get to work with an amazing array of people, including top athletes, working through all kinds of injuries and obstacles.  So working with the kids at camp seems to be just an extension of that—they are learning to work around issues just like our top athletes

In five words describe what Paddle Imua means to you?

Water athletes coming together for kids

How does exposing children to ocean sports help them in other aspects of their life?
Paddling and surfing really require focus and concentration just to get on the water.  When you can harness your body to do what you want, the payoff is huge!  Kids learn that hard work pays off.

It’s interesting that in a male dominated sport, a group of ladies are the motor behind this engine. Comments?
Maile and Kaimana already do so much for the kids in our community.  I know Devin and I are stoked to get to feel like we are contributing and making a difference for these kids!

3 quick-fire questions…
What are 3 things you must have when on water?
Sunscreen, hair tie, watch

When is your favorite time to be on the water?
The “golden hour” right before sunset

What part do you look forward to most during Paddle Imua?
Ike Imua!  Where we just get to hang with the kids and play in the water

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