The Race

Paddle Imua 2020-Global Challenge

Join us this year for the largest paddling, foiling, sailing race in the world, connecting the watersport communities across the globe in an annual mass-participation campaign: together we can transform lives through our love of the water! Paddle Imua is the flagship annual event to benefit Camp Imua – a summer camp for children with special needs.

What: Paddle, sail, foil, wing the Maliko racecourse distance (10 Miles) on your home waters.

How:  Document your race via pictures, video, GPS (i.e. Strava, MotionGPS, Velocitek, Garmin, etc.) or other creative means. Upload and share your content to social media using the hashtags #paddleimua #ipaddleout. For those of you posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, please tag us (@paddleimua)!

When: Choose when you wish to participate! Join us on one of these dates: July 17, 18, & 19, 2020.

Registration: $65.00 click here to register

Racers will receive Paddle Imua racer bags, including the official Paddle Imua event t-shirt, Paddle Imua neck gaiter, and assorted event sponsor swag! (domestic/international shipping included.) If you want the gear before race day, please register ASAP (no later than July 1, 2020) so we can ship!

The Details:

The global response to the ongoing pandemic has forced many in our communities to stay indoors, and for many of us, it has reinforced our love of the open water. For children with special needs and their families, the impact of having to remain indoors has been especially difficult. Your participation and sharing of Paddle Imua 2020 will help get these children out of their homes and out to the open air & water. For over 40 years, Camp Imua has helped children with special needs access the outdoors and the open ocean. In no prior year has it been so important for us to support these families.

Over the three days of the event (July 17, 18, 19, 2020) we ask that you paddle, sail, wing, or foil your way along ANY 10-mile course. We encourage you to document your race via GPS, video, or other creative means and upload your information to social media using the hashtags #paddleimua & #ipaddleout. For those of you posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, please tag us (@paddleimua)!

Race Date, Time and Location: Friday-Sunday, July 17,18, 19, 2020. Participants are welcome to paddle anytime over that weekend. Anytime, any where!

Race is open to paddle disciplines in: Stand-up Paddle, OC1, OC2, OC6, Surf Ski and Prone Paddleboard. NEW DISCIPLINES  FOR 2020: Paddle Classes – Prone/SUP Hydrofoil. Sailing Classes – WindFoil, Windsurfing, WingFoil, Sailing Dinghy. For this year’s Global edition, we are welcoming kites as well – ANYTHING GOES!

Race Course: The traditional course starts at Maliko Gulch and follows Maui’s North Shore to Kahului Harbor. The downwind race is just about 10 miles. This year, we ask that you find or create your own course closer to home, or wherever you are. We are looking forward to seeing pictures and videos of your local waters!

Eligibility: Open to all! Of course safety comes first, so please use all required safety equipment for your locale and don’t forget a leash and flotation.


  • Online Registration – $65
  • Racer Bags: We encourage early registration (before June 30) for those wishing to receive their bags prior to the event weekend.

All entry fees will directly benefit the Camp Imua program!


While you’re out there on the water, we suggest a leash, whistle, and personal flotation device (PFD) to ensure safety.

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