Bluesmiths Paddle Imua 2016 + Title Sponsor

  1. Can you explain the mission behind BLUESMITHS Crafted Waterwear?

Bluesmiths is all about building better gear for what we do. Our lives revolve in and around the ocean and we design and build clothing that makes that experience even better. We source the finest fabrics and technologies in the world, test them to near exhaustion here in Maui, and then tailor them into the best fitting gear we possibly can. We work with the best mills, factories and technology partners to bring new apparel concepts to water sports. We are lucky enough to work with some of the best athletes in the world from windsurf and paddle world champions to America’s Cup winning sailors. Being based in Maui – the unofficial watersports capital of the world – is a real benefit for testing.

  1. The adage “It Takes a Village to raise a child” seems very appropriate in this setting. Why support Camp Imua?

It seems that to make a real impact in almost anything, teamwork is an essential component. I can’t think of many activities that require more teamwork than raising children with special needs. Supporting Camp Imua allows us to do our little bit to help harness the commitment and energy of Maui’s incredibly tight ocean sports community such that the kids and their families feel a real impact.

And by the way, it’s not like we need an excuse to paddle the legendary Maliko run – we’re all going to do that anyway – it’s just that supporting Camp Imua makes it that much more meaningful and unique.

  1. BLUESMITHS Paddle Imua celebrates its 5th year anniversary in 2016; can you share your top 5 memories from the past four years of BPI?

Highlights would be seeing the growth of the event – I think we had 220 paddlers last year, up from 100 or so at the  start. Also, the fact that so many ocean athletes tell us that Paddle Imua is the best paddle event they have ever done is a great testament to the entire crew involved. Above all, it’s great to see the stoke on the faces of the kids when people like Andrea Moller, Sonni Hönscheid, Chuck Patterson, Robert Territehau and dozens more athletes turn up to get the Camp Kids on the water at Ike Imua. Getting all our friends on the water at the same time is also priceless.

  1. We can imagine you are pretty familiar with the Maliko Downwinder by now. Any tips?

I try and follow the guys who know the water well. It might seem like a straight shot, but guys like Scott Trudon and Jeremy Riggs really know the water, so just follow them. If you get stuck, head for Iao Valley and you cannot go too far wrong.

John Smalley. "Tidy Bowls", Kanaha, Maui; Hawaii. October 2012.
John Smalley. “Tidy Bowls”, Kanaha, Maui; Hawaii. October 2012.
  1. How can we keep up with BLUESMITHS?

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and of course sign up for our newsletter at Tag us in your ocean adventures #bluesmiths and we’ll make sure we include you in our journey.

  1. Anything we should look out for in 2016 from BLUESMITHS CRAFTED WATERWEAR?

We’re going to be launching our new tee program very soon. Stay tuned & sign-up for our newsletter at for notifications.

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