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Supporter Spotlight: Maile John

IFS Paddle Imua & Camp Imua Program Director, Maile John is the last person to tell you how big of a role she plays in Paddle Imua and Camp Imua. So we will 😉 We sat down with this Founding Five member to chat why Paddle Imua and Camp Imua are close to her heart. 1. Paddle Imua will be three years old this year! Can you tell us how you became involved? When I was first hired as Camp Imua’s program director there was a lot of talk about getting rid of the program because it was becoming increasingly hard to fund each…

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Paddle Imua 2014 raises $23,935.00 for Camp Imua!!

It is with great pleasure that we announce Paddle Imua 2014’s smashing success! This year the Maliko Downrun Race raised $23,935.00 for Camp Imua 2014. This year 159 participants, 24 sponsors and dozens of volunteers lent their kokua to make #PaddleImua the most successful yet. Our Title sponsor BLUESMITHS Crafted Waterwear have been nothing short of supportive, visionary and compassionate to our camp children. Mahalo to John and the BLUESMITHS Team for believing in Camp Imua’s purpose and for being #paddleimua’s backbone. Mahalo to SIC Maui for being our board sponsor for both Ike Imua and Paddle Imua. Our relay race was epic! Additionally we’d like to thank Hawaiian Canoe Club, Goofy…

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Supporter Spotlight: @BLUESMITHS Crafted Waterwear, John Smalley

1. Paddle Imua will be three years old this year! Can you tell us how you became involved? I was launching BLUESMITHS at a time when Maile John was asking how to run an ocean event for the benefit of Maui’s special needs kids.  I was asked to give advice on paddle sports and logistics as I had done a fair few of these events by then. Having had chance to shape the event into something really meaningful, I asked if we could sponsor the event and that was that. 2. I have unofficially termed you ladies and gentlemen the “Founding Five.” Each…

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Supporter Spotlight: Paige Alms

What is your name? Paige alms Your sport? Professional surfer. Billabong XXL big wave awards nominee 2012, 2013 1. What about outdoor sports (or paddling in specific) excite you? Being in the water brings me the most joy in my life! 2. How does connecting with the ocean have therapeutic or healing effects on you? Do you feel it is good for other people to create and nurture this connection? Why? When I am in the water, I feel whole and happy. I can be having a hard time or bad day and as soon as I get in the…

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Supporter Spotlight: Kaimana Brummel

1. Paddle Imua will be three years old this year! Can you tell us how you became involved?  I become involved on day 1 when I was Executive Director of Hawaiian Canoe Club and I offered up our hale at Hoaloha Park to be the finish line and host the post-race celebration.  Since then Paddle Imua has become my favorite community event. 2. I have unofficially termed you ladies the “Founding Four.” Each of you comes from a diverse background; tell us something unique about yourself?  I always felt extremely proud of being from Hawai’i, and specifically Maui. 3. It’s clear…

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Supporter Spotlight: Tim Lara

Are you an athlete? State Champion Coach and Outrigger Canoe Paddler at Hawaiian Canoe Club What role have you played in in Paddle Imua? I am the owner of Hawaiian Paddle Sports, Private alternative for ocean activities on Maui.  Canoe, Kayak, Surf  and SUP. What about outdoor sports (or paddling specifically) excite you? The sense of community it creates.  On race days I get to see a host of friends who I wouldn’t see in my daily life otherwise.  Friends and paddlers from all sides of the island coming together for fun and competition.  How does connecting with the ocean…

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