We are grateful for the community that has become our ohana! Today’s #AlohaFriday Feature goes to Paddle Imua Sponsor, Aloha ‘Aina Center. The Aloha ‘Aina Center is located in the heart of Haiku. The Center’s owners strive to improve the community through non-profit efforts and local businesses. Read why they support our cause below!

Why is it important to Aloha ‘Aina Center to support causes like Camp Imua?

The really beautiful thing about Paddle Imua is the opportunity for the participants to have a rich direct experience initiated by them. They are able to decide the activity that they would like to do and have the support of people around them to ensure that they are taken care of. It is also a wonderful break for the caretakers who are able to rest and know that all is taken care of. It is a wonderful event for the entire family.

What about outdoor sports excites Aloha ‘Aina?

We find the connection between nature and the ocean to be exciting and important.

How does connecting with the ocean have therapeutic or healing effects on you?

The ocean is cleansing and helps make people happy.

How does the work that you do contribute to healthy families/communities?

We strive to make Aloha ‘Aina Center a vibrant and healthy place to work.


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