BLUESMITHS Paddle Imua 2016 + SIC Maui

1.Can you explain the mission behind SIC Maui?

Five Star Performance is our commitment to the SIC experience on and off the water. Five-star performance means best-in-class products, service and technology. It touches everything we do. Whether you are chasing podiums, looking to achieve your personal best or just want to have a better day on the water; SIC is committed to delivering the best that paddling can offer, for any condition, discipline and for paddlers of every ability level.

We mark our time at SIC by the ability to look back on our accomplishments and our desire to shape new experiences. It takes relentless dedication and passion. As a brand, it is a commitment to product innovation, tested designs and superior quality that gives the brand its competitive edge and its differential advantage. We place designs on water and athletes on the podium, but in the end it is our fellow paddlers that put us on the map.

2. The adage “It Takes a Village to raise a child” seems very appropriate in this setting. Why support Camp Imua?

SIC has been a proud supporter of Camp Imua through its annual Paddle Imua fundraiser from the onset of the event. Camp Imua plays an important role in providing children with special needs an opportunity to try new activities and interact with others. Stand up paddling is a community of paddlers who enjoy sharing their experiences with others and it is a natural fit for us to extend a warm welcome to Camp Imua as we feel everyone can find a shared experience in the mutual enjoyment of the water. To be able to make a small difference in a young life and bring them joy by helping to create opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest is something special and we look forward to being a part of the Camp Imua family for years to come.


















3. Bluesmiths Paddle Imua celebrates its 5th year anniversary in 2016; can you share your top 5 memories from the past four years of BPI?

The Bluesmiths Paddle Imua, always brings a lot of great memories up! One of the top highlights for our athletes is the chance to paddle with the children from Camp IMUA during the SIC Relay. We win their trust to step on a board with us, the trust to paddle out with us, overcoming their fears to get into the water… See them smiling – it´s priceless! They have a great time and we get to see how much it means to them to get the opportunity to paddle. The festivities after the race are always fun, too! Good food, beer and entertainment. It has been our favorite event of the year since the inaugural race.

4. We can imagine you are pretty familiar with the Maliko Downwinder by now. Any tips? 

We recommend to do as many Maliko runs as you can, the conditions are always changing with the winds, swell, and tide. Even after we have been doing Maliko runs for several years, our athletes agree having a good line is the key!

Pray for wind, catch as many bumps as you can and cover as much distance as you can with each glide. Keep an eye on the breaking swells and make sure to stay outside of any white water. Go out with people who know the run and get an SIC Board, they are the best boards for the conditions! Most importantly, be safe and have fun!

5. How can we keep up with SIC Maui?

 On the web at:

Our social media sites include:


Twitter: @sic_maui

Instagram: @sicmaui

Our hashtags include: #SICmaui, #FiveStarPerformance and #ShowUpStandUpKeepUp

6. Anything we should look out for in 2016 from SIC Maui?

We are constantly innovating and are proud to release a number of new products in our 2016 lineup. Our new FX crossover boards combine the best of the X and Bullet series. Born from today’s multi-discipline courses; the FX Pro is the go anywhere, do anything, crossover board for variable conditions. Our surf range has been expanded to offer more versatility for a broader range of conditions and rider sizes with the reintroduction of the popular Carve Series and a new, shorter Bully 9.11, perfect for beginning SUP surfers.

Our AirGlide Inflatable Series has been 100% redesigned from the water up with new streamlined rails, shapes and rocker profiles which make the boards lighter than ever before while increasing their stiffness at a lower PSI. There is a new AirGlide X-12.6 Prolite which is perfect for children as well as an AirGlide Bullet 14.0 which is an amazing inflatable SUP for downwind paddling!

There is also our new entry level FLOW Series which has established a new standard in durability and function for rental fleets. These boards were specifically designed and constructed to serve the high usage needs of resort and rental customers. Last but not least, our paddles have been completely revamped and now feature a comfortable EVA wrapped ergonomic handle, oval tapered shafts and redesigned blades for maximum efficiency on the water.

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